The idea behind Nano Village is to create a cosy and secure place
where people can broaden their social network, where you can find like-minded people,
connect in social activities and children are welcome.


We at Stichting Nano Village are aiming to connect internationals and locals - to stimulate social integration with all its facets.
Live can be strange sometimes. Situations change. Places changes. People change and sometimes you just like to have a fresh connection.


Nano Village is an information point to ease the process when settling into a new place and finding the way around.


Nano Village is a connection point which reacts immediately to the needs of the Veldhoven community and transfers them into valuable activities addressing those needs.

Such as parents support circles, support elderly people, language conversation groups, entrepreneurial start up groups or application support group.

With you. Together.


We have a keen eye for the needs of the community and discuss how to address them.

Collect ideas

The ideas that are most pressing for the Veldhovens community will be considered first.

Create plans

Together we are planning the activities and see how internationals and Veldhovenaaren who are interested can reached.

Plan in Action

Seeing an idea come to life is fantastic.

Would you like to work with us? Please contact us!

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who like to support or start up activities.